Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are extremely popular due to their elegant appearance and amped-up brilliance and fire. Halo settings consist of a frame of small diamonds with a singular large diamond as a centerpiece. Sometimes halo settings feature smooth solitaire bands, while other times they have diamond bands with multitudes of tiny stones. Whatever the details you choose, halo engagement rings offer magnificent scintillation and flamboyance to your engagement promise.


History of Halo Engagement Rings

Archduke Maximilian of Austria may have been the first person to add a diamond to an engagement band when he offered a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy upon his proposal in 1477. For a long time the giving of diamond rings was restricted to the upper class and nobility. In the Victorian Era, diamonds became more common on engagement rings due to the discovery of large deposits of the precious stones in South Africa. Designs approximating those of modern halo rings appeared in the late 18th and early 19th century Georgian era and the mid to late 19th century Victorian era. The classic halo design for engagement rings emerged during the Art Deco movement of the 1920s with its emphasis on geometric patterns. Since then, halo engagement rings have gone in and out of fashion, but they are now experiencing an upsurge of popularity.

Celebrities are often attracted to the brilliance and fire of halo engagement rings. One of the most famous halo rings of all time was the ring that Prince Philip of England gave Lady Diana Spencer on their engagement. It featured a Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Prince William later gifted it to Catherine Middleton when he proposed to her in 2010. Actresses and singers that have worn halo diamond engagement rings include Carrie Underwood, Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman, and Amy Adams.

Advantages of Halo Engagement Rings

One of the main advantages of halo engagement rings is their overall impressiveness for the price you pay. The encircling halo adds surface area and volume to a moderately sized diamond for far less cost than a large stone in a solitaire setting. The tiny diamonds around the center stone also multiply the sparkle, making the halo design among the brightest of settings. Halo settings are versatile and can support and enhance diamonds in a wide range of shapes and cuts. The surrounding halo also holds the central diamond securely and protects it from becoming scratched or chipped around the edges.

Styles of Halo Engagement Rings

There are a variety of choices available in halo engagement ring settings. One of the most common is a single circle of smaller stones surrounding a larger central diamond on a plain metal band. Some halos may be simple, while others are more intricate. The bands may be solid or split, and they may be unadorned or have pave accents of micro stones halfway or fully around them.

Diamond Shapes for Halo Engagement Rings

All cuts and shapes of diamonds look magnificent when featured on halo engagement rings. Breathtakingly beautiful round cut diamonds, also known as round brilliants, are easily the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings, comprising over two-thirds of all diamond ring sales. These dazzling gems have 57 facets measured at precise angles and proportions to create maximum sparkle. Cutters often create a 58th facet by squaring off the sharp culet at the bottom end of the diamond to prevent its damage during setting. As the iconic diamond shape, round cuts are usually what come to mind when people picture diamond rings.

Also known as square modified brilliants, princess cut diamonds are characterized by square or occasionally rectangular faces and backs in the shape of inverted four-sided pyramids. Princess cuts have between 57 and 76 facets, which spread light and enhance the sparkle. The corners generally remain uncut to preserve the shape of the square. This modern alternative to the traditional round-cut diamond provides faceting that dazzlingly accentuates and amplifies reflected light, and yet due to its shape and cutting process, it is less costly than other cuts.

Magnificent emerald cut diamonds offer unique elegance to engagement rings. Unlike the complex multifaceted look of round cut or princess cut diamonds, emerald cut stones provide a sense of distinctiveness and geometric perfection. The stepped pavilions and flat central surfaces of emerald cuts allow for brilliant bursts of reflective light. Emerald cut diamonds are popular in both rectangular and square shapes.

Cushion cut diamonds are rapidly increasing in popularity as options for high-quality engagement rings. These beautiful pillow-shaped stones are square or rectangular with rounded corners. They generally have up to 64 facets that shine almost as brilliantly as the round cut diamonds that surpassed them in sales in the early 20th century.

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings, although uncommon compared to other diamond shapes, are an elegant blend of the scintillating brilliance of round cut stones and the unique distinctiveness of marquise cuts. Also known as teardrop diamonds, these lovely stones feature a broad shoulder at one end that tapers to a point at the other. A quality pear shaped diamond engagement ring is a real treasure.

Precious Metals for Halo Engagement Rings

All types of precious metals look lovely on halo engagement rings. The white sheen of platinum perfectly complements and sets off diamonds and does not change color or fade, so this lovely metal is ideal for symbolizing eternal love in an engagement ring. Due to its rarity, platinum has attained a prestigious status. For diamond engagement rings, platinum bands represent the ultimate in elegance.

Lovely white gold is currently the most popular choice of metal for engagement ring bands. Indistinguishable from platinum to the naked eye, this bright, strong, durable metal perfectly complements and enhances the sparkling diamonds in engagement rings.

Yellow gold engagement rings offer a classic warm color with vibrant elegance that has long been associated with romance. Although white gold bands have overtaken yellow gold in popularity, yellow gold provides an unparalleled traditional look that is timeless.

Romantic rose gold provides a lovely alternative to the more common white gold and yellow gold found in engagement rings. Its warm, rich, distinctive color creates a stunning and attractive metaphor for the binding of hearts.

Halo Engagement Ring Options

The master craftsmen and jewelers at Hayden Cudworth offer an eclectic selection of handcrafted halo diamond engagement rings in assorted settings and precious metal bands to suit any romance. To find the right ring for your fiancé, take advantage of the home try-on program. Select any five potential rings to sample at home, send them back within five days, and order the ring of your choice.


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