Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Magnificent emerald cut diamonds offer unique elegance to engagement rings. Unlike the complex multifaceted look of round cut or princess cut diamonds, emerald cut stones provide a sense of distinctiveness and geometric perfection. The stepped pavilions and flat central surfaces of emerald cuts allow for brilliant bursts of reflecting light. Emerald cut diamonds are popular in rectangular shapes.


Hayden Cudworth offers an elegant selection of emerald cut diamond engagement ring choices in a number of settings and precious metal options.

History of Emerald Cut Diamonds

Archduke Maximilian of Austria may have been the first person to add a diamond to an engagement band when he offered a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy upon his proposal in 1477. For a long time the giving of diamond engagement rings was restricted to the upper class and nobility. In the Victorian Era, diamonds became more common on engagement rings due to the discovery of large deposits of the precious stones in South Africa.

As the name implies, craftsmen first developed what was then called the table cut centuries ago to shape emerald gemstones. Diamond cutters then made use of the table cut to bring out the whiteness and clarity of fine stones. The term emerald cut as applied to diamonds began to be used in the early 20th century during the art deco period, which emphasized symmetry, clean lines, and bold geometric forms.

Emerald cut diamonds have long been the choice of royalty and celebrities. For example, Prince Charles of England gave his fiancé Camilla Parker Bowles an emerald cut diamond engagement ring that was a Windsor family heirloom originally belonging to Queen Elizabeth. When Prince Rainier of Monaco proposed to American actress Grace Kelly, he presented her with an emerald cut ring with a platinum setting. More recently, an emerald cut engagement ring symbolized wedding promises for George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin.

Advantages of Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds have fewer facets and take less time to cut and shape than other diamond cuts. For these reasons, these dynamic stones are less expensive than other diamond shapes. Additionally, because emerald cut stones are shallower than other cuts, they appear larger in their settings than other diamonds of similar carat weights. Their large flat surfaces produce singular flashes of brilliant brightness. Emerald cuts offer the versatility of a variety of shapes to suit every wearer, ranging from squares to elongated rectangles in a range of sizes. Because the corners are rounded and not sharp, rings with these stones do not easily snag on hair or clothes.

Selecting an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond color scale runs from D through Z, and diamonds rated N through z are generally not recommended for rings. Stones with the highest color ratings are extremely rare and expensive, while diamonds with G, H, and I ratings have excellent quality and appear colorless when mounted on a ring.

Clarity in diamonds rates the amount of imperfections, known as inclusions, that a stone has. Visible inclusions detract from the beauty of a diamond, but many inclusions cannot be seen. The diamond clarity grade scale rates clarity on a scale from IF, or internally flawless, to I2, or inclusions 2. The sweet spot between rare and expensive flawless diamonds and those with unacceptable imperfections is SI1 and SI2, or slightly included 1 and 2. This designation means that these stones, when set within a ring, appear perfect to the naked eye.

The carat weight of a cushion cut diamond is not as important as its cut, color, and clarity, because so much of the stone's weight is hidden. Raising the carat weight of a diamond may slightly increase the size but significantly increase the cost.

Setting and Precious Metal Options

Emerald cut diamonds look breathtakingly beautiful in a wide range of settings. Classic elegance and simplicity of appearance make the solitaire setting, also known as the prong setting, the most popular style for diamond engagement rings. This design highlights a single prominent diamond held in place by four prongs

Halo engagement rings are extremely popular due to their elegant appearance and amped-up brilliance and fire. Halo settings consist of a frame of small diamonds with a singular large diamond as a centerpiece. Sometimes halo settings feature smooth solitaire bands, while other times they have pave bands with multitudes of tiny diamonds. Whatever the details you choose, halo engagement rings offer magnificent scintillation and flamboyance for your engagement promise.

Three stone engagement rings, also known as trinity or trilogy rings, with their placement of three diamonds close to each other, symbolize the romantic love that unites a couple in a promise of marriage. The center stone represents their present love, one side stone denotes their memories of the past, and the other signifies their commitment to a united future. The three diamonds also stand for friendship, love, and fidelity. This style is perfect for couples who want to imbue significance into their engagement ring setting.

At Hayden Cudworth, we offer emerald cut diamonds in a number of lovely precious metal choices. The white sheen of platinum perfectly complements and sets off diamonds and does not change color or fade, so this lovely metal is ideal for symbolizing eternal love in an engagement ring. Due to its rarity, platinum has attained a prestigious status. For diamond engagement rings, platinum bands represent the ultimate in elegance.

Lovely white gold is currently the most popular choice of metal for engagement ring bands. Indistinguishable from platinum to the naked eye, this bright, strong, durable metal perfectly complements and enhances the sparkling diamonds in engagement rings.

Yellow gold engagement rings offer a classic warm color with vibrant elegance that has long been associated with romance. Although white gold bands have overtaken yellow gold in popularity, yellow gold provides an unparalleled traditional look that is timeless.

Romantic rose gold provides a lovely alternative to the more common white gold and yellow gold found in engagement rings. Its warm, rich, distinctive color creates a stunning and attractive metaphor for the binding of hearts.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Options

The master craftsmen and jewelers at Hayden Cudworth offer a lovely selection of handcrafted emerald cut diamond engagement rings in assorted settings and band metals to suit any romance. The Hayden III provides a classic four-prong solitaire setting. The Chatham III and Aberdeen III are variations on three stone settings, while the Savannah III and Seychelles III offer halo setting options. To find the right ring for your fiancé, take advantage of the home try-on program. Select any five potential rings to sample at home, send them back within five days, and order the ring of your choice.


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