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Aberdeen II

Ring Size: 6.5

Stone Weight: 1.00 diamond simulant

Metal: Silver Alloy


This home try-on ring is a replica of your selected style. Choose up to five home try-on rings to ensure the ring you order is one you'll love for life.


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About this ring

Aberdeen II

Captivating trillion shaped diamonds brilliantly frame the center stone in this classic ring. The aberdeen II mounting setting shows off the charm and beauty of the diamond at the center of the ring.

The Aberdeen II is a size 6.5 ring with a stone weight of 1.00 diamond simulant. Choose between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum for the metal type to go along with this elegant ring. Rose gold offers something a little different from the norm, while yellow gold is an eye-catching classic and white gold highlights the diamond by reflecting a pale white color on the band. No matter which metal type you choose, the Aberdeen II will be sure to stun.

Wedding Mounting Settings with a Distinctive Look

The difficulty in picking an engagement ring is the balance between finding something perfect for your special someone that isn’t a cookie-cutter design.

The Aberdeen II solves this by offering simple elegance in a setting with its own flares and distinctive touches. The diamonds in this setting seem to emerge from the band itself, peaking at the gorgeous diamond at the heart of the ring. Even so, the side profile of the ring is the peak of classical engagement ring aesthetic, harkening back to beloved wedding and engagement traditions still held dear by many.

Ring Settings for Diamonds: The Aberdeen II

The Aberdeen II uses a three stone setting with a princess cut center stone. The three stone setting places two smaller diamonds to either side of a central diamond meant to be the most eye-catching aspect of the ring. In the case of the Aberdeen II, the smaller diamonds offset a stunning princess cut stone that is hard to miss. Princess cut diamonds are meant to have dozens of faces in order to cause a lot of reflections within the stone. The reflections lend to the brilliance and shine of the diamond. It will truly stand out in any situation.

When selecting this ring, choose between a stone size of 1.00 or 1.25. The Aberdeen II comes in sizes 3 to 13, fitting most hands, and has a total carat weight of .50. You can rest easy knowing the quality of this ring is extremely high and that it is manufactured right in New York City.

Try the Aberdeen II Before Buying an Engagement Ring

With a try at home ring, you’ll get a replica of the real ring to try on at home. You can choose up to five home try-on rings to make sure you find the perfect one for you.

If you aren’t sure if the Aberdeen II or another engagement ring is the ring one for you, call our engagement ring gurus for help, tips and advice on buying the perfect ring for your engagement. You can reach them at 1-877-993-3353.


Center stone carat weight:  Carat

Center stone shape:  Princess

Available stone size: stone

Average band width:

Available ring size:

Style number:

Available metal type:

Total carat weight: stone

All Hayden Cudworth diamonds are certified by the Gemologic appraisal laboratory

Manufactured in New York City, USA

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